Updated SALTechips website


We have been working behind the scenes to bring you a fresh look to the SALTechips website! All the same technical information is there, but an upgrade to the look and the backend bring an easier check out process and higher security with the website now fully encrypted with a SSL certificate. Some other ingredients we have added to enhance the flavour of the site are:

  • Payments can be made in four different currencies! AUD, Euro, UKP and USD. Your local currency is auto detected, if you prefer to pay in a different currency, you can change it via the dropdown at the top of the screen.
  • An account system where you can keep a track of your purchases.
  • A SSL certificate to ensure communication between your computer and the SALTechips website is encrypted.
  • Australian customers can pay directly into our bank account as well as via PayPal.
  • A newsletter you can subscribe to, don’t worry, you won’t get inundated with emails, just an occasional newsletter letting you know of new products or discounts/specials.
  • A news page.

We hope you enjoy the new site!